We came here for the Barbacoa taco, which is even better if you add the salsa verde to it.

But herein lies the problem:

But when reviewing a food, we take the food as is.

I can make lots of food better by adding Frank’s to it.

That doesn’t make it good food.

But the real star of the show at Taqueria Cinco in Groton is the Pato taco.

If we only take the food as is. But if we allow ourselves to edit the restaurant’s food, the Barbacoa with Salsa Verde is best.

Let’s see.

All tacos are proper double shelled, but the shells are stuck together, meaning it can get too shelly sometimes.

Steak Taco

Definitely the most disappointing of the bunch.

The meat is exceptionally dry.

There is only a subtle flavor of steak at all.

Meaning, mostly what you taste is onion and shell.

The Rating: Steak taco


Pastor Taco

Nothing as heartbreaking as a bad or mediocre pastor taco.

This pastor is very greasy.

Oily even.

Which is just odd.

There is a good flavor, but as everything is drowned in this oily sauce you don’t get any pineapple flavor.

The taco is better with salsa, but that’s just to cut the oil.

Meat is a bit too chewy as well.

The Rating: Pastor taco


Pato taco

Pato is duck, and while I’m normally not a fan of duck, this is pretty good.

The flavor is gamier than normal, but the duck flavor is solid and strong.

If you can pull the shells apart, it really stands out as a good taco.

The Rating: Pato taco


Barbacoa Taco

Barbacoa can be many versions of red meat.

Here, it is lamb.

There is an odd flavor to the barbacoa, not gamey and not overly-lambey either.

The sauce has a bit too much anatto seed or something similar.

Again, this doesn’t taste like lamb.

So overall its good but not great.


BUT, if you add the salsa verde, it clashes well with the deep flavor, creating an excellent blend.

And here, you need the double shell.

The Rating: Barbacoa taco with Salsa Verde


Taqueria Cinco

Address: 441 Long Hill Rd. Groton, CT 06340

Hours: Open everyday at 11am