On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to Toro Mexican Street Food in West Hartford.

From the Toro Restaurant Group, this new street food shop is looking to expand their Hispanic-focused empire in the Greater Hartford area.

While it has lots of offerings, tacos are the first thing we went for.

Getting a range of tacos, each are on a single gluten-free shell (they make a big deal of pointing this out).

They are also topped with a large amount of a salsa fresca.

In some cases, it almost overpowers.

Chicken tinga taco

The least good of the bunch.

The chicken is very juicy, so juicy it makes the gluten free shell dissolve and snap apart.

That’s actually a problem with all of the tacos.

You can’t get these for takeout, or if you do ask for the shells separate.

The flavor, however, is very mild; bland even.

The thing you taste the most here is…tomatoes.

The Rating: Chicken Tinga taco


Pork al pastor taco

Traditionally my favorite taco.

The pork is good.

There is so. much. meat.

The dominant flacor, however, isn’t the pork but the earthy sauce.

It’s good, but it is lacking that roasted flavor to both the meat and the pineapple.

The Rating: Pork Al Pastor taco


Carne Asada taco


Nice chewy steak that complements all the flavors.

The pickles onions add a very nice flavor (powerfully).

Overall, it tastes very fresh with the sauce, onions, and tomotoes.

Could use more depth, but is still good.

The Rating: Carne Asada taco


Beef Barbacoa taco

Here it is, the clear winner of the bunch.

The beef is deep and rich with an excellent flavor.

It’s the one meat to stand up to all the toppings on the tacos.

The problem is the meat is so oily it soaks in and dissolves the shell.

Great flavor but the toppings are either plain or just plain by comparison.

The Rating: Beef Barbacoa taco


Overall, so meaty and the meats are all expertly cooked. Each taco could use a little something more. That’s why the tables have salsas.

Toro Mexican Street Food

Address: 22 Raymond Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11:30AM–9PM
Friday & Saturday 11:30AM–10PM