On the search for the best breakfast sandwich in Connecticut brings us to scratch baking in Milford.

This bakery.

Everything we tasted here was wonderful.

So good there will have to be not only additional posts about their brownies (salted caramel ftw), but this place will require multiple return visits.

They know what they are doing.

But the breakout star of the show is 100% unquestioningly the breakfast sandwich.

To give you an idea of how good this breakfast sandwich is, the weakest part of the whole sandwich is the bacon, only because the bacon flavor (which is good) is a bit too light.

When tasty bacon is what’s bringing a sandwich down, you are in for a treat.

The roll is huge, which gets worrisome until you bite into it.

The roll is so light, it’s barely there.

Like a buttery vehicle whose only job is to add some butter taste while holding everything together.

WARNING: It turns out the roll they put this on changes daily, so there is no promise the roll you get on one day will be the same as reviewed here. This may greatly alter the sandwich experience.

The egg is cooked sunny side up (they don’t ask, this is how they do it), so if you are someone who doesn’t like runny eggs this may not be right for you (or ask for over medium/hard).

The cheese is a heavily heavily aged cheddar, and even gets a little crisped cheese taste around the edges.

In short, this place takes what can only be described as the most amazing ingredients and makes you the best version of a standard bacon, egg, and cheese you can find.

Honestly, you could even do it without the bacon and it would still be wonderul.

The Rating



Address: 84 Broad St, Milford, CT 06460
Hours: Open Everyday 7am – 3pm
Phone: (203) 301-4396