Boasting a great rooftop patio, sign of the Whale is a restaurant in Stamford’s Harbor Point, an area of town where late 20s-30s flock like an adult-version of a college town.

Let’s see how the food is.

Garlic Bread
The bread is bursting with robust garlic and herb flavors.

While it can be overpowering for some, the accompanying tomato sauce offers a fresh balance.

The bread slice, however, feels a bit cheap and leans heavily on the crusty side.

The Rating: Garlic Bread


Cheese Pizza
Their pizza presents a blend of rich herbs that lends an aromatic depth to each slice. While the flavor profile is commendable, the cheese felt a tad rubbery. It’s a respectable attempt but has room for improvement.

The Rating: Cheese Pizza


Four Spice Burger
An unexpected trio of flavors: BBQ, guacamole, and pepperoni. Surprisingly, this eclectic mix offers a harmonious taste. The patty, although thin, spans wide across the slightly stale bun which still manages to hold everything together.

The Rating: Four Spice Burger


Veal Meatball Sandwich
The star here is the succulent veal meatballs, complemented well by the sauce and cheese. However, the choice of arugula introduces an unwarranted bitterness, and the bread, reminiscent of their garlic bread, tends to get mushy quite quickly.

The Rating: Veal Meatball Sandwich


Beef Empanadas
These are the showstopper. The beef filling seems to have hints of BBQ sauce, rendering a unique, palatable taste. Served with chipotle and a tangy green sauce, the empanadas are perfectly crisped, ensuring every bite is a delightful experience.

The Rating: Beef Empanadas


In Summary
Sign of the Whale certainly has its high points, with the Beef Empanadas taking the lead. While there’s some refining to do in certain dishes, it’s a place that beckons the adventurous palate.

Sign of the Whale

Address: 6 Hbr Pt Rd, Stamford, CT 06902

Sunday 11:30am to Midnight
Monday through Thursday 4pm to Midnight
Friday Noon to 2am
Saturday 11:30am to 2am


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