On the search for the best spicy chicken sandwich in Connecticut brings us to BIRDCODE in West Hartford.

This sandwich comes in five levels of spiciness, country (just fried chicken), mild, medium, hot, and Code Breaker.

Having been disappointed with most spicy chicken sandwiches so far, and because they warn first time users to try mild or medium first, I opted for the hot.

For context, this is authentic Nashville-style hot chicken.

The hot had HEAT. Its a spiciness that comes from a lot of cayenne. The kind that burns your lips and tongue. The kind that makes you actually sweat. The kind you will feel a second time.

You know, the good stuff.

The Sandwich is big, and the spice is directly on the breading, not hidden away in some sauce.

It has the traditional pickles on it, with a thousand-island-adjacent ‘comeback sauce’ and a vinegar slaw that help with the heat.

It is excellent. The only downside might be on the base sandwich the flavor is a little mild (other than straight cayenne-induced spiciness). A milder version might be more flavorful, otherwise you could just ask for extra vinegar slaw and keep the heat up.

The “shake fries” were so good they will be the star of their own post later, despite the fact that I am extremely prejudiced against crinkle-cut fries.

The rating:


The recommendation: Get the sando at a heat level one down from what you are normally comfortable with, or go wild and get the level you think you want. Just get some extra slaw on it.

Address: 120 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

Order: https://order.eatbirdcode.com/

Phone: (860) 206-1971