On the search for the best burger in Connecticut brings us to Black Duck Cafe in Westport.

This waterside cafe is home to what some have called among the best burgers in CT, so I had to try it.

This burger is completely smothered in sauteed peppers and onions.

The peppers are very sweet, almost artificially so, and the onions are also exceptionally sweet. Not from carmelizing but maybe a sauce they cook the veggies in.

This also adds a lot of moisture to the whole thing.

The roll does a good job soaking up the liquid, but it doesn’t add any other flavor.

The meat itself has the best taste. It’s thick and meaty and adds a strong charcoal-like grill flavor.

But that flavor is very subtle.

The whole thing is, in the end, very plain.

The dominant flavor is this sweetness from the peppers, with a faint charcoal meat.

The Rating

With it’s overly sweet peppers and onion mixture on top, and lack of flavors otherwise, this burger is surprisingly plain and overly sweet.



Address: 605 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880
Open daily from 11:30am-9pm

Phone: (203) 227-7978