On the search for the best donut in Connecticut, as well as the best cider donut in Connecticut brings us to Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel.

The first thing you notice about these Donuts are they are heavy. They literally weigh more than other donuts around CT.

When you bite into them you imediately see why. These donuts are dense. They are substantial. They carry their weight.

The amount of sugar on these donuts is intense, creating a crunchy exterior. But somehow the donut does’t get too sweet.

Here is the only way I can see Blue Jay Orchards pulling off this feat:

After the donuts are fried, they run them under a misting of apple cider. This gets them wet and contributes to their density. While the donuts are still wet from the cider mist, they cover them in sugar. This creates sugar crystals that soak up some loose cider on the donut-facing side, dampening the sweetness, but still has a drier air-facing side that stays solid.

Every cider mill should take up this practice, it makes for a wonderful donut. So wonderful, in fact, that they were all eaten before I could get a picture. The donut in the picture here are from their website.

The only complaint about these donuts would be that they could use more cinnamon. Other than that, this may be the best cider donut in CT.