Bagelman, a local mini-chain of bagels in CT, supposedly serves up some pretty good bagels. So let’s try the Danbury location.

First, the bagels are extremely tough.

It wasn’t just the egg bagel pictured here, but all the bagels we tried. Everything, Plain, Sesame Seed? All tough.

The egg itself was completely overcooked.

And the bacon?

I’m fairly confident the bacon had turned.

The bacon was sour, which is definitely not what you want early in the morning.

The only redeeming quality of this experience was the cheese, which had a nice american/cheddar-like flavor.

Overall, this was an unpleasant experience.

The Rating:



Danbury location

39-B Mill Plain Road
Danbury CT 06811
(203) 748-2464


40 1/2 Padanaram Road
Danbury CT 06811
(203) 792-0030

Brookfield location

14 Candlewood Lake Road
Brookfield CT 06804
(203) 775-400