On the search for the best breakfast sandwich in CT, as well as the best bagel in CT, brings us to Goldberg’s Bagels in Elmwood.

The first thing I’ll say about the bagels are that they are weird.

Normally, you get a bagel and it has a crust =to it, a slightly crisp exterior that gives way before getting to the fluffy interior.

Not here.

The bagels here at Goldberg’s are soft from top to bottom.

Doughy, no crust.

Like a crustless sandwich.

It’s odd, but once you get over that initial shock, it’s actually quite good.

Who doesn’t like to feel like a child again with crustless bread.

I got a couple bagels here, one of which is the pictured jalapeno cheddar (something that is especially hard to find outside New England).

There is a nice and sharp heat from the jalapenos.

The cheddar on top, however, adds mostly texture with little flavor.

The only flavor from the cheddar is mostly like that of Cheddar Goldfish crackers.

But as you keep eating the bagel, they get better and better. The fact it doesn’t have a crust doesn’t bother you as much anymore.

There is a huge butter flavor from the bagel.

But for the innards of the breakfast sandwich, it could be better. The ham is thick and tasty, but the bacon tastes like microwaved bacon. No word on the sausage or other meats.

The eggs are neutral, not adding too much or too little.

The cheese on the sandwich is good and tastes like quality light American cheese.

So overall, this breakfast sandwich seems like it would leave something to be desired, but because the bagels get so good, it’s an excellent option.

The Rating:

Bagel: The bagel starts off odd as it is very soft and chewy. They are very buttery, and get better and better with every bite.


Breakfast Sandwich: If you just took out the middle of the sandwich and ate it that way, you’d be a little disappointed. The cheese on the sandwich is very good, but any cheese on top of the bagels tastes like faint Goldfish (the crackers), the egg is neutral to somewhat nice, and the bacon has a microwaved quality to it. The ham, if you get it, is thick and flavorful, which is nice. Luckily for this breakfast sandwich, it has to be on something, and the bagels are good enough to help elevate it



Address: 1131 New Britain Ave # A, West Hartford, CT 06110
Closed 2PM everyday

Phone: (860) 231-8688