On the search for the best breakfast sandwich in Connecticut, as well as the best espresso, brings us to Washington Street Coffee House in New London.


I don’t know what happened here.

The first time I discovered Washington Street Coffee House and tried their espresso, I was blown away.

It tasted like cocoa butter, rich and creamy.

It was to die for.

But coming back, it tastes very different.

It’s now more bitter and thinner than I remember.

It still has a slight cocoa butter flavor, but it requires a decent amount of milk to cover the bitter and bring it out.

Still pretty good, but not what I remembered.

And it’s possible I was so blown away by the breakfast sandwich, that everything tasted amazing!

Let’s hope they are not slipping.

The Rating: Espresso


Breakfast Sandwich (with Homemade Sausage)


This breakfast sandwich is amazing.

The egg is perfectly cooked over medium to just barely over hard.

Meaning the egg doesn’t really run but it’s also super rich.

The cheddar cheese is a very nice touch too.

And the pepper aioli they spread the english muffins with?


I’ve since gone back and tried a few variations but none beat the breakfast sausage with their homemade crumbled sausage.

The sausage has a slight kick to it, and pairs wonderfully with the rich egg and creamy pepper aioli.

This is one of the best breakfast sandwichwes in Connecticut; definitely the best sausage egg and cheese.

The Rating: Breakfast Sandwich (with Homemade Sausage)



Washington Street Coffee House

Address: 13 Washington Street, New London, CT 06320

Hours: Open Everyday 7am-3pm