On the search for the best breakfast sandwich in Connecticut brings us to Zoi’s (pronounced Zoey’s) in New Haven.

This yonic looking breakfast sandwich comes on a roll that at first seems too big for the sandwich.

So when you first bite into it, your brain is expecting something very bready.

But then as you crunch through the crisp outer shell, you find the inside of the bread is incredibly airy.

Then, the cheese is that exceptionally sweet-type of generic American cheese (not processed cheese food).

That sweetness works well with any of their breakfast meats.

With sausage it plays nicely off the spice.

With bacon it plays nicely with the salt.

With ham it compliments the salty sweetness as well.

I asked for the sandwich with hot sauce, as recommended by someone else.

At first, I didn’t think there was hot sauce on it. But they assured me there was and even gave me an extra side.

The hot sauce is Franks, and adding more takes away from the sandwich. The vinegar from the hot sauce overpowers the sweetness of the cheese and airiness of the bread.

So ask for the sandwich with hot sauce, but let them decide how much goes on for best experience.

The Rating:

Great sweet cheese, nice egg, and a bready roll that is crisp on the outside and airy within. Good balance. Hot sauce (Frank’s, most likely) is very light but putting on more detracts from the sweetness so let them do their thing.



Address: 63 Grove St, New Haven, CT 06510
Closed Sundays, closes at 2-3pm

Phone: (203) 777-6736