On the search for the best wings in Connecticut brings us to Bomb Wings & Rice Bar in Hamden.

This place.

All of their wings are very good.

I feel like each, however, is missing something.

Its different for each wing, but it’s always there. Wings are very good, but just shy of excellent.

The wings are meaty and they are perfectly cooked.

The outside is crisp and the insides are juicy.

Truly perfectly cooked wings.

It’s the sauces where this place is falling just short.

But the cooking is good enough we’ll keep coming back to try every flavor.

We tried 3 flavors: Sweet & Tangy, Chinatown, and their Buffalo.

Sweet & Tangy Wings

The sweet and tangy wings are exactly as they are described.

They are caramelized, which gives the sweetness.

The sauce is sour, which provide the tanginess.

There is a hint of spiciness.

The chicken wings themselves are huge and meaty.

Which is nice.

Some places might call this a vinegar-buffalo, so that’s what you should expect.

The Rating: Sweet & Tangy Wings


Chinatown Wings

The pork that you find in a pork fried rice has a very distinctive flavor to it.

Once you’ve had it, you’d recognize it anywhere.

You’d recognize it here.

It’s called Char Siu.

It’s exactly what you expect.

The Rating: Chinatown Wings


Finally we come to the Buffalo wings.

Again with these perfectly cooked wings.

The sauce is very mild, with a bit more vinegar than one is used to.

Mild both in flavor and in how much sauce there is.

Just mild. But, probably the best of the flavors (so far).

The Rating: Buffalo Wings


Bomb Wings & Rice Bar

Address: 2373 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518
Sunday – Tuesday: 11AM–9PM
Closed Wednesdays
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM–11PM