On the search for the best buffalo wings in Connecticut brings us to Archie Moore’s in Wallingford (and New Haven and Milford).

This place is commercialized to hell, with the wing sauce being sold in grocery stores all over the state.

But then again, that’s also true of J. Timothy’s, and those wings are excellent.

Another potential downside of Archie Moore’s is thee is only one flavor of Buffalo.


No heat levels, no real additions, just buffalo.

So if you like serious spice, this won’t be for you.

But, with it’s ever present rankings on best wings in Connecticut list, we of course had to try it.

Buffalo Wings

The wings are meaty and crispy, just as you want them to be.

The buffalo sauce is, without a doubt, mild, with only a hint of heat.

The sauce is also fairly thin, one would usually prefer a sauce with more body to it.

But, there is no denying these wings are really good.

It’s a mound of meat with buffalo sauce that isn’t just Franks.

Excellently crispy.

If you went to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, where wings were invented, you’d want them to taste like this.

The Rating:


Archie Moore’s

Address: 39 N Main St, Wallingford, CT 06492
Hours: Open everyday at 11:30am