On the search for the best burger in Connecticut brings us to Bin228 Gastropub in Glastonbury, where we may have found it.

I have no idea what drew me to Bin 228 Gastropub as being a home for potentially the best burger in CT.

I’ve tried looking it back up, but most sources only talk about this place having a burger.

Not how great it is.

But this is a decently fancy place, so we try a few things other than the burgers.

Starting with

Honey Sriracha Wings

Then wings themselves are huge.

Super meaty wings.

The honey is more sticky than flavorful.

The sriracha is enough to give it a mild heat.

If you aren’t used to these, you continually get struck by how much meat there is.

Overall, the sauce could be a little more flavorful, but these are solid wings.

The Rating: Honey Sriracha wings


Yucca Fries

You’ve got to get your burger with something.

And Yucca fries are more rare than anyone should be happy with.

These are perfectly cooked.

Soft, with a crispy exterior.

Only downside is they may be a smidge too thick, but otherwise excellent.

The Rating: Yucca Fries


Beef Burger


This is why we came here.

Just listen to the description:

Fried Egg, Raclette Cheese, Truffle Oil.

The truffle is super mild, more of a smell than a strong taste.

The beef is wonderful and tastes meaty and thick.

The melted raclette cheese is nice but occasionally sneaks into the backgorund.

The but has an egginess and a potato-bun quality to it. It goes very well with the fried egg and burger.

Bun gets soggy very quickly, so take the lettuce and put it on the bottom bun to slow that down.

Overall, wonderful.

The Rating: Beef Burger


Bin 228 Gastropub

Address: 63 Hebron Ave. Glastonbury, CT 0603

Hours: Open everyday 12pm-8pm


Phone: (860) 430-9699