On the search for the best BBQ in Connecticut brings us to Pig Rig BBQ in Wallingford.

Smoked Mac & Cheese

This has a weird flavor.

It’s heavy on smoke flavor and despite a good amount of cheese has no real cheese taste.

There is pulled pork and bacon inside (which contributes to the smokiness) and a good amount of meat.

Even in bites with no meat, however, it doesn’t really taste like cheese.

It tastes like creamy smoke.

The Rating: Smoked Mac & Cheese



A good rib should have a little pull to it, without being stringy nor falling off the bone.

These ribs have all of those elements fairly well, except the ribs themselves have very little meat on them.

You see these large ribs, but then realize it’s 90% bone.

The rub has a lot of brown sugar in it, which makes the ribs sweeter than you’d expect.

Then they drizzle an extra sweet bbq sauce on top, which gets to be a bit too much.

The Rating: Ribs


Burnt Ends

Nice fatty pieces of brisket double cooked.

The bark is nice, if a little undersalted.

The brisket is well cooked but the meat is lacking any depth of flavor.

Brisket should be more than a vehicle for bark.

So while these are good, we can find better.

The Rating: Burnt Ends


One advantage of Pig Rig is there are 6-7 different BBQ sauces, so you can try a bunch to adjust the meats to your taste.

Pig Rig BBQ

Address: 950 Yale Ave, Wallingford, CT 06492
Hours: Sunday 11am–6pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Saturday 11am–8pm