On the search for the best burrito in Connecticut brings us to ¡Ay Güey! Cafe & Cocina Mexicana in Stratford.

They don’t serve individual tacos here, so you have to go all in on a meat in a platter of 3.

But we were here for the burrito, so mentally prepared to go all in.

They have a good selection of meats, so we went with the default Al Pastor.

Al Pastor burrito

In this small place you can watch the cooks in the kitchen preparing your food.

At first, I grew concerned because it seemed like the burrito would be all rice on the inside.

What I thought was rice was actually a mixture of the rice and beans and pork.

An is it excellent.

The pork is earthy with some nice spice to it.

The pineapple is sweet and helps mellow out the earthy spice (as pastor should have).

The shell is nicely crisp as well.

Overall, this is just a wonderful combination of flavors.

I will be happy coming back here, going all in on the new meats.

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¡Ay Güey! Cafe & Cocina Mexicana

Address: 613 E Main St, Stratford, CT 06614
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday to Thursday 11am to 8pm
Friday & Saturday 11am to 9pm