The hunt for Connecticut’s best burrito takes us to West Haven where we find Taqueria Micheladas Don Efren, a local favorite known for its Mexican cuisine.

At the heart of their menu, we have the traditional staple of Mexican cuisine—the burrito.

Let’s try it.

Burrito (al pastor)

The Burrito is an impressive fusion of ingredients.

The meat, while passable, was a bit grainy—possibly a minor setback.

The burrito does make up for it in other areas, however.

The interior was loaded with super flavorful rice and beans, giving each bite an explosion of savory flavors.

Another key detail was the shell of the burrito.

Pressed in a heat grill, adding a new layer of depth to the overall taste.

Should you try it?

Absolutely, although perhaps with a different choice of meat.

It even comes with a dried jalapeno, which was just classy.

Even with the small hiccup regarding the meat, the burrito was undoubtedly solid, presenting a combination of ingredients that complimented each other well.

The Rating: Al Pastor Burrito


While not quite clinching the title of ‘best burrito in Connecticut’, Taqueria Micheladas Don Efren certainly serves up a satisfying meal that leaves you eager to return and try the rest of their offerings.
Taqueria Micheladas Don Efren

Address: 1049 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516
Hours: Open Everyday 10am to 9pm