Here we’ve got a 2-for-1, because both are unimpressive and we can strike them off the list. At Candlewood Market in Fairfield, we can try the breakfast sandwich, and the espresso.

The breakfast sandwich, gotten on a croissant, was thoroughly mediocre.

First, the croissant was very weird, more like a roll in the shape of a croissant than anything flaky.

The cheese is straight American cheese, which is fine and has its place and time but in a health food-like store stands out as out-of-place.

The bacon tastes like that pre-microwaved bacon that you just throw back into the microwave to reheat.

But overall, it’s a bacon egg and cheese, so how bad can it be?

The Rating: Breakfats sandwich



The walls of this place are surrounded with imported goods, teas, and even coffee beans.

Surely, they would have good espresso, right?


The espresso has a distinct soap taste to it.

Once you notice the soap taste, it becomes all you taste.

It’s a better quality soap, no doubt, and it is unclear whether milk foam in this macchiato version makes it better or worse.

But overall, this is unpleasant to drink.

The Rating: Espresso


Address: 85 Mill Plain Rd unit o, Fairfield, CT 06824
Hours: Open Everyday at 7am

Phone: (203) 292-8559