This Brewery and Pub in Granby serves lots of food options, including…wings!

Okay, we’ve been here twice now, and there is an unfortunate consistent theme.

The wings are overcooked.

Every time.

So while the sauces are fun and inventive (as we’ll see), they have to fix their cooking technique.

We tried two different kinds, the second spiciest (Red Hot) and the most inventive (CBH Wings).

Red Hot Wings

These are mostly just spice.

Not really a lot of flavor, just spice.

Even then, the spice is mostly cayenne in flavor, with a medium burn.

The flavor is good enough, but the overcooked wings are chewy.

The Rating: Red Hot Wings


CBH Wings

The flavor of these wings is an interesting mix of spicy buffalo (and not just Franks), BBQ sauce, and a little something else (teriyaki, I believe).

The heat is mild, being reduced by the other sauces

The BBQ sauce is the best part of it, suggesting that may be the way to go in the future.

But again, chewy meat from being overcooked.

The Rating: CBH Wings


Cambridge House Brewpub

Address: 357 Salmon Brook St, Granby, CT 06035
Hours: Open Wednesday – Saturday at 11am