On the search for the best cookies in Connecticut brings us to Sweet Maria’s in Waterbury.

This little bakery has lots to offer, from cakes to cupcakes to pastries.

But they are known for their cookies.

So we tried a range.
Butter cookies

The butter flavor is mild with lots of sugar crystals.

The cookie isn’t as soft as it should be.

Very crispy and breaks apart a lot.
Still nice, however.

The Rating: Butter Cookie


Chocolate chip cookie

Chewy and dense.

Lots and lots of chocolate chunks throughout.

The only downside is the cookie has lots of flour taste to it.

It becomes a little dry, but thankfully all the chocolate chunks keep it level.

The Rating: Chocolate Chip Cookie


Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie

This has the same chewiness and density of the regular chocolate chip cookie.

The same large amount of chocolate chunks throughout.

But now the chocolate added to the batter takes care of the too much flour flavor.

The chocolate adds a little crispiness to the bottom.

These are the cookies to get.

The Rating: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie


Sweet Maria’s

Address: 159 Manor Ave, Waterbury, CT 06705
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 8am–2pm

Sunday 8am–12pm