Situated on the outskirts of New Haven, lies a remarkable spot often overlooked by the untrained eye—the Contois Tavern.

This establishment has all the markers of a classic tavern: a welcoming ambiance, unfriendly faces, and a menu that has stood the test of time.


Front and center on this menu is the humble cheeseburger, a dish that has earned a multitude of interpretations across kitchens worldwide.

There is a lot I could say about this, but it can be simply boiled down to:

This is the best White Castle burger you could ever eat.

The grilled onions, beautifully caramelized, impart an intense, sweet depth of flavor.

The meat patty is robust and flavorful.

The cheese is solid.

The bun here is a study in perfect proportions—not too thick, not too thin, just the right amount of softness to soak up the flavors, yet sturdy enough to hold everything together.

Together, these elements harmonize to create a very, very good burger.

The Rating:


Contois Tavern

Address: 152 Nicoll St, New Haven, CT 06511
Hours: Monday 4pm to 9:30pm
Tuesday to Saturday 11:30am to 11pm
Sunday 12pm to 7pm