When it comes to iconic foods, the cheesesteak holds a special place in many a heart—particularly those from the city of brotherly love.

Eager to get a taste of Philadelphia right here at home, I ventured into “Philly’s” in New Haven to try their “Broad Street Bully”.

Broad Street Bully Cheesesteak
At first glance, the sandwich boasts a generous filling, promising a riot of flavors—provolone cheese, fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, a blend of sweet and hot peppers, and a surprising addition: pickles.

On paper, this combination should be a knockout.

The actual experience was slightly underwhelming, however.

While the pickles and sweet peppers clearly dominate the flavor, overshadowing everything else.

The meat, which should be the star of any cheesesteak, unfortunately lacked a distinctive taste.

Its flavor was muted, hidden beneath the more sour toppings.

As for the bun, it was decent, reminiscent of something you might find at Subway’s.

It held the sandwich together but didn’t contribute much in terms of flavor or texture.

The Rating


While Philly’s offers a unique take on the classic cheesesteak with the Broad Street Bully, it doesn’t hit the mark. If you’re after a cheesesteak where the beef shines and the flavors meld harmoniously, this isn’t your first pick. However, if you enjoy the tangy bite of pickles and sweet peppers, this could be a sandwich worth trying.

Philly’s A Taste of Philadelphia

Address: 1008 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510
Hours: Open Everyday 11am to 10pm