Dumplings don’t seem like a summertime treat, because they mostly aren’t.

But in the never-ending quest for the best food in CT, we headed out to Steamed in Madison.

We got a nice assortment of what is supposed to be the highlight reel here. Starting with
Pork bun 

A massive bao stuffed with pork.

The interior is unfortunately very bland.

The pork is also very sparse inside, leaving it largely dough.
There is a spicy paste that is good, but really is the only flavor.

The Rating: Pork Bun


Pork soup Dumplings

I love a good soup dumpling.

These are perfectly fine.

The soup is good, providing a rich umami flavor.

The pork inside, like the pork bun, is unfortunately a little bland as well.

They provide a few sauces that are mild on flavor and don’t help that much.

Really, this is about the soup.

The Rating: Pork Soup Dumplings


Chengdu Dumplings

It’s almost impossible to have dumplings in a hot chili oil go bland.

The dough on these are a little tough, but that turns into a good thing because the dumplings are packed full with meat.

It’s about the opposite of the pork bun.

The sauce they come in is thin but has a nice sharp tip of the tongue heat.

Overall, these are the best of what we tried, and are very nice.

The Rating: Chengu Dumplings


The Recommendation: Go for something with built-in sauces. The innards can be very bland in these dumplings, so you need something to excite them up.


Address: 670 Boston Post Rd, Madison, CT 06443
Hours: Open Everyday 11am to 8:30pm