On the search for the best donuts in Connecticut brings us to Gerry’s Donuts in Ellington.

First _The first rule of Gerry’s Donuts is get here by 8:30am, or most things are sold out.

We’ve had to come a couple times to even try enough donuts.
The second rule of Gerry’s Donuts is don’t think too hard about how it keeps getting shut down.


Everyone I know who mentioned Gerry’s Donuts talked about the crullers.

I have no idea why.

They are just dry.

and bland.

Really not appetizing at all.

They are dense, but is that all we want?

The Rating: Cruller


Bavarian Cream Donut

These are similarly super plain.

There is no richness to the cream.

Sure the donut itself is soft, and the powdered sugar is light and not overpowering, but again…

Is that all we want from a donut?

The Rating: Bavarian Cream Donut


I was about to write off Gerry’s Donuts as some sort of locals place where people who lived local grew up only eating this and therefore confused familiarity with excellence.

But then I tried the
Cherry Donut


There is a deep and luxurious maraschino flavor with chunks of cherries.

The balance with the sweet glaze on the outside, which is light, is excellent.

This is where we now see the denseness of the cruller come to help.

I may have been mistaken about Gerry’s Donuts (don’t forget the second rule).

But based on this cherry donut alone, it is worth giving another shot (at least before 8:30am).

The Rating: Cherry Donut


Gerry’s Donuts

Address: 180 Windsorville Rd, Ellington, CT 06029

Hours: Open Everyday 6am to 12pm (noon)