During the Hot Dog Days of Summer, all sorts of places call to us. Next up, Bart’s Drive-In (Halal) in Windsor.

Chili Dog

The first thing you notice is its generous size—this chili dog is extra long, ensuring you get a mouthful in every bite.

The chili stands out as the hero of the dish. It’s dark and rich, providing a delicious contrast with a sharp, spicy heat that’s sure to satisfy those who love a good kick.

Unfortunately, the hot dog didn’t quite live up to the chili’s standard.

The texture was a tad mushy, with an unexpected smoky taste that felt a bit out of place. The flavor was not what you’d expect from a prime hot dog joint.

As for the bun, it’s somewhere in the middle.

It wasn’t toasted really, but it wasn’t entirely soft either.

Imagine a bun that dreamt of being toasted but woke up just before it got there.

It’s serviceable, but I wish it had spent some quality time with the toaster.

Rating: Chili Dog


Bart’s Drive-In Restaurant (Halal)
Address: 55 Palisado Ave, Windsor, CT 06095

Hours: Sunday 10am to 6pm
Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm