It’s summertime.

Time for hot dogs, and curly fries, and all things good.

So we are trying to find the best in Connecticut.

Next stop, JK’s Restaurant in Danbury.

This place is a proper old-school diner.

The menu looks straight out of the 1950s.

Supposedly they have a great hot dog and curly fries.

Chili dog

All reviews of this place mention the chili.

It costs, in 2022, 60 cents.

The amount of chili that they add is insane.

The chili has a heavy griddle flavor and kidney beans, with a mild spice.

Not bad.

The dog is split and grilled, but otherwise in unimpressive.

The bun is huge and needed to soak up the chili sauce.

Overall, everything about this is good not great.

The Rating: Hot dog with chili


Curly fries

Call it ridiculous, but the curly fries at Arby’s are the standard-setter.

If you can’t beat Arby’s why are you even in the game?

The curly fries at JK’s have a slightly different spice.

Almost under salted, which is odd.

They are still curly fries, but they will taste just a little different than you may be expecting.

The Rating: Curly fries


JK’s Restaurant

Address: 126 South St., Danbury, CT
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am – 8pm