Now that we are into the Hot Dog Days of Summer; we need to keep trying hot dogs around Connecticut.

Up Next, No Pork on Dis Fork, a hot dog cart in Hartford” to sample their hot dog with chili.

Hot Dog
The bun was split and set on the griddle for just a fleeting moment, enough to offer a slight toasted touch but not enough to transform its soft texture.

The hot dog received the same quick treatment on the griddle, echoing the bun’s brief dance with the heat.

The dog was traditional in flavor and feel.

The dog was missing any sort of snap when you bite in.

It’s a standard dog.

with Chili
The chili has no spice to it.

I don’t just mean heat, its very light on flavor too.

It has a standard medium texture, not overly ground nor chunky.

It’s a standard type of chili sauce you may expect from a hot dog cart.

The Rating:


Concluding Thoughts
“No Pork on Dis Fork” offers a hot dog that stays true to the classic taste many of us know and love. While it might not redefine your hot dog experiences, it provides a dependable and familiar flavor . For those seeking a bit more adventure in their palate, the chili falls short.

No Pork on Dis Fork

Address: 1240 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106
Hours: Sunday & Monday Closed
Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm