This wacky shop in Essex, called Chocolate Geeks (formerly Truffle Shots) specializes in giving you the inside bits of chocolate truffles without the outer shell…

Truffle shots are exactly what they sound like.

Chocolate truffles, in shot glasses.

taken from the Chocolate Geeks website

The classy bit is you get the glass shot glass to keep with each shot you buy.

While the Truffle shots aren’t really the star of the show here, they are good.

Whiskey Caramel Truffle Shot

Chocolate with a thick bar of Macallan Whisky caramel in the middle.

The chocolate itself is very good, but there is a lot of it.

The Whisky Caramel is excellent.

The whisky is present but not overpowering and the sweetness of the caramel complement it nicely.

I’d buy just this caramel.

But when you mix the two together (e.g. get past the first layer of chocolate and start digging through the caramel to the chocolate below) it gets too sweet.

But the only way to cope is either to eat all the caramel first and the lament it’s loss, or mix it.

If this was made with dark chocolate, it could be unstoppable.

taken from the Chocolate Geeks website

The Rating: Dark Chocolate Truffle


Raspberry Kiss Truffle Shot

Back to the same issue we had before.

The milk chocolate is good, but not great.

The raspberry filling, however?

Just excellent.

This place really knows their filling, but the milk chocolate leaves something to be desired.

It’s actually such a contrast I find myself scooping around the milk chocolate to get at the filling.

The Rating: Rapsberry Kiss Truffle Shot


Signature Dark Chocolate Truffle Shot

This is really really good.

The dark chocolate is less sweet than the milk, so it’s better.

It’s so good I was scooping out as much as possible.

The Rating: Dark Chocolate Truffle


So the truffle shots are good.

Real good.

Nothing worth traveling to, but the Dark Chocolate is the one to get if you find yourself there.

So why would you find yourself at Chocolate Geeks?

Chocolate chip cookie

This is the reason to come here.

These chocolate chip cookies are truly amazing.

Massive chunks of chocolate throughout.

Crisp edges but everything else is soft and chewy.

Extra buttery.

Salt on top.

Just amzing.

The Rating: Chocolate Chip Cookie


Chocolate Geeks (formerly Truffle Shots)

Address: The Barn at Griswold Square, 49 Main St, Essex, CT 06426
Hours: Sunday to Tuesday Closed
Wednesday to Saturday noon to 5pm