Everyone will tell you to get the Cinnamon Sugar Donut at Dottie’s in Woodbury.

You can, it’s pretty good.

The donut has a slight yeasty-flavor to it, like you are eating it in a brewery.

The cinnamon and sugar on top is very light (despite the picture), and is mostly just sugar.

It’s pretty good.

The Rating: Cinnamon Sugar Donut


But if that’s all you do, you might miss the

Chocolate frosted donut.

The exterior is crispy and even a little crunchy, in a great way.

The interior if chewy, and somehow a little greasy.

Like it soaked up a little too much frying oil.

But the chocolate frosting on top is fudgy and excellent.

Maybe the chocolatey frosting offsets any odd yeast taste in the donut.

But overall, it’s super solid.

The Rating: Chocolate Frosted Donut



Address: 787 Main St. S, Woodbury, CT

Hours: open everyday 7am-3pm