I really wanted to like this chocolatier in Westport.

The shop is just so damn cute.

It is hidden behind a driveway, just after a little roundabout.
So easy to miss.

But the place is wonderful inside.

So we got a sample of every chocolate truffle they had on offer.

Here is a sneak preview.

Mocaccino (upper right in picture below)
Dominantly coffee-flavored with an unusual butter popcorn aftertaste.
It misses the mark in terms of a coherent flavor profile.
The Rating:


Okay, off to a rough start.

It is a beautiful pineapple mould, unsure how that shape is associated with coffee.

But the issue is not the shape or crunch or texture, it is the flavor.

Coffee Caramel Latte (2nd column, bottom row)
Features chewy caramel predominantly, with only a hint of coffee flavor.
A straightforward, somewhat one-dimensional offering.
The Rating:


That’s two misses in a row.

Granted, I’m ordering these by those that were least impressive to the most impressive, but still.

Espresso Martini
The texture is too chalky, and the dark chocolate overpowers, lacking sweetness.
It’s more akin to unsweetened dark chocolate mixed with milk.

No real espresso coming through.
The Rating:



Three misses, each for different reasons.

One for a weird mix of flavors, one for a boring flavor, one for poor texture.

Maybe something is going on with the coffee/espresso?

Spicy Snowman (2nd column, middle row)
Supposed to be like a hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne.

It’s not.

Lacks the expected spiciness, offering instead a ginger liqueur taste that’s too focused on Kahlua and sugary alcohol.
The Rating:


Tree Lime Pie (3rd column, top row)
A lighter option with subtle chocolate and key lime flavors.
Pleasant, but the lime note is too fleeting.

The Rating:


Caramel-by-the-Sea (top left corner)
Salty caramel paired with decent chocolate.
A satisfactory but unremarkable combination.
The Rating:


Old Fashioned Drunk Santa (3rd column, middle row)
A scotch-like flavor mixed with butterscotch and alcohol, overshadowed by too much chocolate.

The issue here is in the flavor levels.

It is either too little, or too much when there should be balance.
The Rating:


Gingerbread Haus (bottom right corner)
A delightful combination of dark chocolate and light gingersnap cookie.
Offers a satisfyingly good flavor.
The Rating:


Winter Mint
Features a refreshing wintergreen mint paired well with chocolate.
A solid and enjoyable truffle.

We are getting there!
The Rating:


Raspberry Ruby Slipper (1st column, middle row)
The standout of the lot, rich with raspberry flavor and full of fruitiness.
A very enjoyable chocolate experience.
The Rating:


Overall, the chocolates here need some work. They are beautiful to look at. And there is a lot of craftsmanship involved. But for flavor, they need to decide to either go bold, or go home.

66 Church Ln
Westport, Connecticut 06880
Hours: Sunday CLOSED

Monday through Saturday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

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