What is a “taco empanada”?

It is a taco shell, deep fried, with just a little opening to stuff it with meat and toppings.

They are a specialty at El Sol Deli in Manchester, let’s see what they taste like.

Chicken Taco Empanada
This empanada is packed with filling; the chicken is juicy but otherwise unremarkable.

The shell doesn’t get soggy, which is nice.

But it is oily on both the hands and in how it feels in your mouth.

The Rating: Chicken Taco Empanada


Steak Taco Empanada
Tastes more like ground beef than steak.

The meat’s flavor isn’t great, but the combination of cheese, toppings, and the deep-fried shell make up for it slightly.

So these taco empanadas are filling, but the flavor is mostly the shell and some of the fillings.

The meat needs to do more work.

The Rating: Steak Taco Empanada


Chorizo Taco Empanada
Despite being more reminiscent of ground beef than chorizo, this empanada offers a better flavor.

Not spicy at all (like chorizo should be).

It’s quite tasty though.

The Rating: Chorizo Taco Empanada


Overall, the taco empanadas are fine. Nothing great, but the chorizo is one of the better meats.

El Sol Deli
Address: 631 Main St, Manchester, CT 06040
Hours: Sunday 11am to 3pm
Monday through Friday 11am to 8pm
Saturday 11am to 6pm

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