Reports of the death of Barcelona Wine Bar in West Hartford have been greatly exaggerated.


I hate tapas.

They are so expensive and you never leave full.

Not at Barcelona, however.

The portions are big enough you can get away with only 2 to 3 per person.

Let’s try them.

NY Beef Tartare

The tartare is disappointingly dry and lacking in flavor, with an overpowering onion taste that overshadows any beef or mustard notes.

The thick crust bread it’s served with doesn’t help the dish’s balance.

A miss here.

The Rating: NY Beef Tartare


Pork Belly

A letdown with its dryness and stringiness, though a tart berry accompaniment tries to lift the dish.

Unfortunately, it fails to elevate the pork belly beyond being mediocre at best.

The Rating: Pork Belly


By this point, we are getting concerned.

Maybe Barcelona has declined beyond repair?

Let’s go bigger.

Appetivo Board

A nice assortment featuring patatas bravas, manchego and fuet cheeses, olives, and serrano ham and sausage.

The cheeses are fine, the olives are fine, the meats are fine.

That’s all fine.

But the patatas bravas are great!

Extremely crispy potatoes, and an aioli on top with smoked paprika.

While the salsa brava underneath is the weakest link, the whole piece is tasty.

A solid, if not extraordinary, offering.

I’d just recommend the patatas bravas next time.

The Rating: Appetivo Board


Ham and Cheese Croquettes

Crisp on the outside with a satisfying cheesy filling.

They’re heavy on the cheese but the ham is sort of absent.

Overall, these are nice if you think of them as cheese croquettes.

The Rating: Ham Cheese Croquettes



Ricotta Toast with Truffles

The initial overpowering taste of black truffle eventually gives way to sweet ricotta, supported by sturdy grilled bread.

The truffle flavor mellows, creating a more balanced and enjoyable dish.

The Rating: Montadito


Starter Bread

I kid you not this is one of the highlights.

The bread is a highlight with its perfect crusty exterior, slight sweetness, and sourness.

Truly wonderful and a great start to any meal here.

The Rating: Starter Bread


Chorizo with Sweet and Sour Figs

A standout dish with tangy sauce and chorizo that’s reminiscent of kielbasa, complemented by figs that burst with flavor.

An exceptional blend of tastes and textures.

The Rating: Chorizo with Sweet and Sour Figs


Barcelona Wine Bar offers a diverse menu with hits and misses, but dishes like the Chorizo with Sweet and Sour Figs shine, showcasing the kitchen’s capabilities for creating flavor-packed experiences.

Barcelona Wine Bar
Address: 971 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107
Hours: Sunday 11am to 11pm
Monday & Tuesday 4pm to 11pm
Wednesday & Thursday 4pm to Midnight
Friday & Saturday 11am to 1am

Also locations at:

4180 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield
155 Temple Street, New Haven
515 West Avenue, Norwalk
222 Summer Street, Stamford

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