On the search for the best apple cider donut in Connecticut brings us to Woodstock Orchards in Woodstock.

Apple Cider Donut

So far, these are the second smallest donut’s I have seen in CT.

Just slightly larger than the mini cider donuts at Brown’s Harvest, the ones at Woodstock Orchards are tightly packed.

This turns out to be their greatest asset.

There is a crispy outer shell that is just wonderful.

The dusting is all sugar, no cinnamon, which turns out to be fine.

The downside is the interior, which is mild to the point of bland.

That would start to get to you, except because these donuts are so small the ratio of crust to innards is heavily in favor of the crust.

The crust is so damn good that you almost hope the donut were even more compact so you could get a higher ratio of that crust.

Really, just a wonderful apple cider donut.

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Woodstock Orchard

Address: 494 CT-169, Woodstock, CT 06281
Hours: Open everyday 9am to 6pm