On the search for the best chocolate chip cookies in Connecticut brings us to Leisha’s Bakeria in Bridgeport.

Unless you live in Bridgeport, this place can be a pain to get to.

It is not open on weekends, closes at 2pm on Weekdays, and sometimes just is not open for fun.

But they supposedly have one of the best chocolate chip cookies in Connecticut, so I had to hunt it down.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Interestingly, these chocolate chips have a heavy brown sugar taste to them.

There are so many chocolate chips inside them, you almost forget you are eating a cookie.

But the crispy edges and soft middle help bring it on back.

Overall, this is a damn fine cookie.

The Rating:


Leisha’s Bakeria

Address: 7 Lafayette Cir, Bridgeport, CT 06604
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday to Friday 7am to 2pm
Saturday Closed