Coracora, a perennial contender for best restaurant or best chef in CT. Let’s see if this West Hartford restaurant lives up to the hype.

Empanadas – Lomo, Chicken, Guava

The fillings in these empanadas are light and flavorful.

The shells miss the mark, feeling like undercooked deep-fried dough.

An above average dish overall.

The Rating: Empanadas


Rotisserie Chicken

It’s your standard rotisserie chicken, albeit with a few added herbs and slightly crispier skin than what you’d find at a grocery store.

Solid, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The Rating: Rotisserie Chicken


Amuse-Bouche: Corn with Fried Spicy Aji Sauce

This starter is addictive, featuring unpopped popcorn that’s delightfully salty.

The spicy aji (spicy yellow pepper) sauce it comes with sets a promising tone for the meal.

The Rating: Amuse-Bouche: Corn with Fried Spicy Aji Sauce


Yuca Relleno
A standout dish – the yuca is light, fluffy, and generously filled with cheese.

It pairs excellently with the accompanying sauce.

Just wonderful.

The Rating: Yuca Relleno


Cora Tacos: Lomo Saltado

The lomo saltado filling is exceptional, boasting rich, griddled flavors.

Though the taco shell is a bit underwhelming, the meat’s spiciness and earthiness make up for it.

These spiceful and slightly spicy tacos are among the best tacos in Connecticut!

The Rating: Cora Tacos: Lomo Saltado


Overall, Coracora lives up to the hype. The Lomo Saltado tacos and Yuca Relleno are wonderful.I’m sure there are more gems on the menu, which will be fun to find.


Address: 162 Shield St, West Hartford, CT 06110
Hours: Sunday through Wednesday 11am to 9pm

Thursday through Saturday 11am to 10pm