This one is a March, 2021 item only.

But I hope not, because theses are real tasty.

Truthfully, I don’t like Bear’s corned beef.

Luckily, these aren’t tooo heavy on the corned beef.

In fact, the dominant flavor is cabbage and the deep fried shell.

The corned beef is fairly mild, which is nice because it lets the flavors of the cabbage really shine through.

That, and the excellent wrapper they come in is nearly perfectly deep fried.

The sauce it comes in is a sort of thousand island dressing, which isn’t bad either.

It’s a fun treat to try, and as it is only here for March 2021, why not?

The Rating:


Hartford Location:

25 Front St.
(860) 785-8772

Windsor Location:

2152 Poquonock Ave.
(860) 785-8772

New Haven Location:

470 James St.
(203) 350 – 9060

South Windsor Location:

454 Ellington Rd.
(860) 785-8772