I can’t tell if it’s getting older, or sushi places are the type of restaurant where you find the one you like and you are unwilling to try other ones.

But I’m trying to branch out, and had heard good things about Hana Sushi in Manchester.

We tried three things: a bunch of standard rolls, the Hana Roll (because if you are going to put your name on it, it better be good), and something that sounded real tasty, the Crispy Tuna Salad Hand Roll.

The Standard Rolls

This was a collection of salmon/tuna/spicy X-type rolls.

Honestly, they were all sort of okay and indistinguishable.

The rolls were weirdly salty, even without any soy sauce.

They were also very meaty.

Even the spicy rolls were not chopped up meat mixed in but really just slabs of meat with the spicy sauce.

That’s class.

The taste of the fish was fishier than I would have liked, but overall pretty good.

The Rating: Standard Rolls


Hana Roll

If you are going to name a roll after your store, you better go all out on it.

What is in this roll, there is lots of.

Lots of Eel.

Lots of Tempura shrimp.

Hell, lots of lettuce.

The flavors are good and the roll is too.

The Rating: Hana Roll


Crispy Tuna Salad Hand Roll

I misjudged this one completely.

I heard crispy tuna salad hand roll and thought it meant:

crispy tuna, salad, hand roll

what it really is is:

tuna, salad, crispy hand roll.

There are lots of chunks of tuna, lettuce (this place loves putting lettuce into things), and a deep fried shell.

The fresh lettuce and cold tuna pair nicely with the deep fried shell.

It all goes very well together.

The Rating: Crispy Tuna Salad Hand Roll


Hana Sushi

Address: 248 Broad St, Manchester, CT 06040

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:30am-8:30pm


Phone: (860) 649-2228