On the search for the best chocolates in Connecticut brings us to MELT Chocolatier in Milford.

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate is merely fine, lacking depth in flavor.

It’s quite thin and misses the rich, indulgent chocolate taste one wants.

Feels more like an enhanced hot cocoa than a luxurious hot chocolate, maybe cocoa with syrup added.

The Rating: Hot Chocolate


Chocolate Croissant
Supposedly the best chocolate croissant in Connecticut.

Contains a nice stripe of chocolate and is topped with a light dusting of sugar.

The pastry is crisp, though not overly buttery, making it enjoyable.

Parts without chocolate or sugar taste more like a turnover but still maintain quality.

The Rating: Chocolate Croissant


Now on to the chocolate Truffles

Mint Truffle
Solid and creamy, striking the right balance of flavor and texture.
A satisfying treat for mint chocolate lovers.
Rating: 7/10

Dark Chocolate Truffle
An outstanding offering – rich and indulgent with a crisp exterior and a soft, almost chalky interior.
Embodies the essence of what a dark chocolate truffle should be.
Rating: 7.5/10

Overall, a fine chocolate chop. The very good dark chocolate truffles suggest there may be some more great truffles here.

MELT Chocolatier

Address: 181 Research Dr Unit #6, Milford, CT 06460
Hours: Sunday and Monday Closed
Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 6pm
Saturday Closed

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