If you are following the 30 day hot chocolate rule, which you should, today is the last day for hot chocolate.

But the real thing to get here are the chocolate truffles, which are a year-round food.

Hot Chocolate
The hot chocolate is fine.

It’s very thin and doesn’t have that rich hot chocolate flavor you want.

It’s more like hot cocoa that they added melted chocolate to.

The Rating: Hot Chocolate


Chocolate croissant

Just won an award for best croissants in state.

There is a light dusting of sugar, and a good bar of chocolate throughout.

Very nice, very crisp, not overly buttery.

This is a very good chocolate croissant.

It starts to get a little bland at the parts without filling or topping, tasting more like a turnover.

Still, very good.

The Rating: Chocolate Croissant


Dark Chocolate Truffle

There are a bunch of truffles here, but only wanted to try one they made in house.

The Dark Chocolate is excellent.

Rich flavor.

A little chalky, but a crisp shell and a soft interior.

It’s just wonderful.

The Rating: Dark Chocolate Truffle


MELT Chocolatier

Address: 961 State St, New Haven, CT 06511

Hours: Sunday & Monday Closed
Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 5pm