On the search for the best buffalo wings in Connecticut brings us to J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville.

You don’t want to see them win.

Like the early 2000s Yankees, or the 2000s Patriots.

You’re pretty sure it’s gonna happen, but you want someone to beat them.

And there is always that contrarian feeling that maybe the hype is overblown.

Maybe you are special if you claim the wings aren’t that good here.

But the thing is, they really are that good.

The ‘dirty’ part comes from a 2-part frying process.

First fried, then sauced, then fried again.

It supposedly makes a nice caramelization, but I haven’t notice a major difference.

Overall, these are just great wings.

They are meaty.

They are crispy.

The sauce is really good. It’s not very spicy, and there are no hotter levels, but still really good.

You want someone to beat them (The Hidden Still is in the running), but until that happens these are probably the best wings in CT.

The Rating: Dirty Buffalo Wings


J. Timothy’s Taverne

Address: 143 New Britain Ave, Plainville, CT 06062
Hours: Closed Monday

Tuesday – Wednesday 4–9PM
Thursday – Saturday 11:30AM–9PM
Sunday 11:30AM–8PM