Whitney Donut & Sandwich Shop in Hamden offers a variety of donut flavors, each with its own unique qualities.

Let’s try some.

Chocolate Frosted

The chocolate frosting on this donut is quite tasty but unfortunately, there isn’t enough of it to fully enjoy.

The donut itself is airy yet somewhat plain, lacking in distinctiveness.

It’s the frosting that is doing all the work here.

The Rating: Chocolate Frosted


Vanilla Frosted

The vanilla frosting is appealing and subtly sweet.

But again, the frosting is doing all of the work.

The dough is just so plain.

The Rating: Vanilla Frosted


Chocolate Toasted Coconut

The dough of this donut has a more cake-like consistency rather than the expected chewy texture.

While the chocolate flavor isn’t particularly strong, the toasted coconut topping adds a nice textural contrast and flavor.

The Rating: Chocolate Toasted Coconut


Overall, Whitney Donut presents a decent selection of donuts that, while enjoyable, may not stand out significantly from other offerings in the area.

Whitney Donut and Sandwich Shop
Address: 2574 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518
Hours: Sunday 6am to 2pm
Monday through Friday 6am to 4pm
Saturday 6am to 2pm

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