On the search for the best donuts in Connecticut brings us to Brooklyn Baking Co in Waterbury.

Credit to https://townsquare.media/site/678/files/2020/01/Brookklyn-Bakery.jpg

Embarrassingly, I can’t find the photos I took of the 2 donuts, so we’ll have to settle for a stock-ish photo from the internet.

At this bakery and restaurant, I asked for a recommendation for the best couple of donuts.

The person behind the counter unflinchingly suggested the glazed donut and the jelly donut.

So here we go.

The Jelly Donut:

The donut itself is great.

The texture is almost like gum. You chew and chew it.

THe jelly inside is also solid.

The downside is the donut is CAKED in powdered sugar.

It becomes way too much and overpowers the whole donut.

The rating:


The Glazed Donut:

Still with the same gummy dough, this time the glaze adds a nice sweetness.

The whole donut has an odd aftertaste that I can’t place.

This odd aftertaste either comes from the glaze or is subtle in the dough and overpowered by the powdered sugar in the jelly donut.

The Rating:


Address: 464 Reidville Dr, Waterbury, CT 06705
Closed Mondays

Closes at 4pm
Phone: (203) 596-3500