The best fried chicken in the world is in New Orleans.

At a place called Willie Mae’s Scotch House in the 9th Wars (don’t go to the outposts).

There is no real competition.

I used to think it was in Atlanta, at a place called the Colonnade (still excellent), but no.

It’s at Willie Mae’s.

That is a small digression, but not entirely out of left field.

We have now left the hot dog days of summer, but not so heavily into fall yet that there is pumpkin spice everywhere.

This is the time of year for picnics.

The days are perfect in the 70s, can get a little warm, but not hot anymore (we hope).

And picnics demand fried chicken and BBQ.

I’ve written a lot of BBQ, but fried chicken has taken a bit of a backseat.

No more.

We are going to dispel some myths about who makes the best fried chicken in Connecticut, explore some hidden gems, and overall, get ourselves prepared for this time of year.

Join us, and get your picnic baskets ready.