On the search for the best breakfast sandwich in Connecticut brings us to Arethusa a Mano in Bantam.

The bakery and coffee shop counterpart to Arethusa, a mano is a nice place out in Bantam.

We tried a bakery good and the Egg Sandwich.

Strawberry Key Lime Croffin
A croissant-muffin hybrid that unfortunately comes off as too dense.

The key lime flavor shines through brilliantly, complemented by a good quality strawberry jam.

Though the density detracts, the flavors make this a noteworthy treat.

Not something to be missed.

The Rating: Strawberry Key Lime Croffin


Egg Sandwich with Bacon
This croissant takes the classic bacon, egg, and cheese to a new level.

Eggs are cooked to perfection, which means over easy to over medium.

If that is not for you, make sure you speak up.

The croissant is flaky and adds to the whole experience.

The cheese is a blend of cheeses from Arethusa, but it still somehow doesn’t shine through.
You lose the cheese taste.

It is an overall excellent breakfast option.

The Rating: Egg Sandwich with Bacon


If you are in the Bantam area around breakfast time, a bakery treat and an egg sandwich would do you well.
Arethusa a Mano
Address: 833 Bantam Rd, Bantam, CT 06750
Hours: Sunday 7am to 4pm
Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm
Saturday 7am to 4pm

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