The goal is to try every espresso roaster in Connecticut, next up is Black Owl Roasters (online only).

This espresso roaster is one of the online-only roasters, so you have to order online and either drive to the owner’s house to pick it up or have it shipped.

Shot in the dark espresso blend

The beans arrive quickly and are freshly roasted.

For this espresso blend, the beans are large, black, and oily.

The smell is that of generic coffee, both as a bean and when made into espresso.

The flavor is mostly…plastic? Or rubber. Something chemical.

The aftertaste is pleasant like super black drip coffee, but there is not much to it.

Overall, it’s not great but not terrible either.

The Rating


Black Owl Roasters

Address: 229 Hoxie Rd, Lebanon, CT 06249