Trying every espresso roaster in Connecticut brings us to GIV Coffee in Canton.

On top of roasting their own espresso and coffee, they also bake their own goods.

So why not try a waffle?

Liege Waffle

These waffles have lots of sugar pockets with a mild generic baked good flavor.

It’s just a vehicle to get you those sugar pockets.

Not bad.

The Rating: Liege Waffle



The real reason we are here, espresso.

The espresso has a sour smell, like a lemon.

That doesn’t translate to the taste, where the dominant flavor is brown sugar with only a hint of sour.

After drinking it for a bit, however, the sourness builds and becomes a bit much.

Drink this straight with as few additives as possible.

The Rating:


GIV Coffee

Address: 194 Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT 06019
Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday 8am to 3pm