There are a lot of espresso roasters in Connecticut, we are trying them all.

Next on the list, Kevin’s Coffee Roasters in Vernon.

With about 20 different types of coffee and only 1 type of espresso, it made it easy.

Italian Espresso Blend

I was honestly expecting this to just be bland drip coffee over-roasted, like you get from a lot of smaller gourmet coffee roasters.

But this is actually espresso.

Now that being said, it is not overly flavorful.

The smell is a heavy acetate-chemical smell, unfortunately.

But once you get past it and find the flavor, you taste a flowery chocolate.

It dries your mouth out a lot, like a super dry wine with too many tannins.

But the sensation isn’t bad, just odd.

The Rating


Kevin’s Coffee Roasters

Address: 78 Windsor Ave, Vernon, CT 06066
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 2pm