On the search for all local espresso roasters in Connecticut brings us to Higher Grounds at 32 Main which is the sole brewer of Moodus Mud coffee.


This happens every once in a while.

A coffee brewer will make an ‘espresso’, but it’s basically just a super dense coffee.

That’s what you see with Moodus Mud; a dense black coffee.

The flavor has a little bit of molasses and bread flavor to it.

There with Minimal sour nus and bitterness,

Lots of coffee flavor, not really espresso flavour.

The coffee flavor overpowers the milk fairly easily, but overall it’s a good cup of molassess-ey bready dense coffee.

The rating:


Address: 568 Town St, Moodus, CT 06469

Available for retail buying at Higher grounds at 32 Main: 32 Main St, East Haddam, CT 06423
Hours: Everyday 8am to 2pm