We’ve been trying every coffee roaster in Connecticut to see who roasts espresso the best. This search brings us to Ashlawn Farm Coffee in Old Saybrook.

Espresso, in Cortado form
I am fairly sure they do not brew espresso here.

That’s okay, not every coffee roaster has to brew espresso.

But when you take your darkest coffee and try to pass it off as espresso, it shows.

Unless you are used to having your drip coffee with lots of milk, the espresso here will not be good.

Even a cortado is more like a cafe au lait.

Overall, don’t think of this as espresso, think of it as drip coffee.

Extra bitter, drip coffee.

The Rating: Espresso


So while the espresso here is a bust, we can also try some of the breakfast offerings.

Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Biscuits are tough to do well.

They too often are dry, needing something of substance to make them not dry out your mouth.

While the egg and cheese are good on this, the biscuit is too dry.

The biscuit lacks flavor, and the whole thing needs a sauce of some sort.

That, or a juicy meat like sausage.

The Rating: Egg & Cheese Biscuit


Harm & Cheese Croissant
What this place got wrong about the biscuit they make up for with the croissant.

The croissants are flaky and, most importantly, buttery.

The ham is good, standard deli meat ham. No complaints.

The cheese here has a sharpness to it that goes well.

It’s really down to the croissant. It makes the whole thing and any sandwich from Ashlawn Farm Coffee should unquestioningly be on a croissant.

The Rating: Harm & Cheese Croissant


Ashlawn Farm Coffee

Address: 455 Boston Post Rd Suite 1, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Hours: Open Everyday 7am to 3pm