Trying all the coffee roasters in Connecticut brings us to Common Grounds in Hamden (and Branford and Shelton).

The drinks they give you here with milk have a dusting of cocoa and cinnamon.

Oddly nice, but hiding a dark secret…

The espresso doesn’t taste like much.

There are lots of flavors in the espresso, but all of them are super faint.

Like how LaCroix flavors are indeed flavors but more like “placed in a warehouse next to strawberries”-level of flavor.

The espresso has a bready taste to it.

No bitterness,

no sweetness,

with minimal coffee taste.

It really just tastes like what bread.

But the LaCroix version, so, made in the same factor as wheat bread.

The Rating:


Common Grounds

Branford Location
1096 Main St, Branford, CT 06405

(203) 488-2326

Hamden Location
2460 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 745-5412

Hours: Open everyday at 6am
Shelton Location
504 Bridgeport Ave Shelton, CT 06484

(203) 712-7363

Hours: Opens Monday – Friday at 6am

Saturday 6am – 7pm

Sunday 6am – 5pm